Sunday, 14 May 2017

Men and women have a lot of difficulty trying to relate to one another. Everyone's familiar with the Mars/Venus idea and it's the absolute truth. Women think with their hearts and men think with their heads. That is the simple planetary explanation and part of the of the human condition. It's not an engineering mistake. We're built that way so men and women can come together and weave magic between heart and mind, and in that way, grow together.
The problem is that guys have been off track for a long time and been abusing their biceps for thousands of years. Instead of using their physical strength to protect women and nurture their feelings they've done the exact opposite. They've used it to dominate women and oppress their feelings. This idea comes up a lot in my book because it bugs me and something has to change. I don't want to spill the beans but (obviously I'm going to) a big part of the problem is that men are sooks. We seem to have something I would call the "sulk gene"
When a man is challenged by a woman's feelings one of his first go-to responses is the silent treatment. Almost every woman (and any man with the courage to admit it) knows this is true. We love to sulk and we do it because we know we don't have the answer to what a woman needs when she starts expressing her feelings. We don't know how to respond so we grind her down with silence until she "wakes up to herself" and puts her feelings aside. Feelings are fundamentally a foreign language to men and we don't know how to speak it, but if we can start to learn how, we can help women to grow their feelings by supporting them.
Women simply need the space and support to explore, learn, and grow their feelings. When a man supports a woman in the right way he can watch, learn, and grow with her. This does not mean woman are the dominant sex. Neither sex is/should be dominant. It simply means we've been given a process for the evolution of humanity, and acknowledging and embracing higher femininity is at the core of it. Men and women are meant to grow together in a mutually dependant relationship of soul growth. Neither can achieve on their own the kind of magic they can achieve together, and that magic is life's true purpose.
The principles of masculinity and femininity are simply two halves of a whole. When a man and woman live in true service to higher femininity they are enriched beyond their wildest dreams in a cosmic dance of evolving soul.
A woman doesn't look down on a man if he gives himself to her in this way. In fact she does the opposite. She will look up to him with complete adoration, love and respect as he in turn looks up to her the same way, in acknowledgment of the gift she offers to them both. It's never too late to kick start this simple process and men are still in a position to do so and turn things around. still...begin again 💫🙏

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